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  Maryann (who graduated from USF/Boston University with three degrees) joined Whitco Insurance North Suncoast in 2015 after 30 years as a mental health administrator. She has always been, and continues to be an active member of our community. Maryann currently volunteers and was a past board member with Nami Pasco and the Homeless Coalition of Pasco County. She is also involved with the American Society of Relay for Life, Coastal Cleanup, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services of Florida, and is currently in NAIFA-FL and the Rotary Club of West Pasco Sunset. Maryann's area of insurance specialty is personal lines (home, auto, real estate, vehicles and flood). Her personal belief is that we don't sell insurance, we help families, and she can't wait to help yours. 

Stella Senderling
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  Stella joined Whitco Insurance North Suncoast in 2020 after Rick and Maryann rescued her from the Humane Society of Pasco County. Stella is an Australian Shepherd who was dropped off in a box with her eight puppies (who she birthed at a young age). Her and her puppies were left sick and emaciated, thankfully they were nursed back to health by Humane Society of Pasco County. Eventually she found her calling as a professional napper under Maryann's desk. She now specializes in greeting customers and stealing employee sandwiches. Stella's expert product lines are nylon bones and squeaky toys. She enjoys helping people and her favorite quote is "woof woof, bark bark."  Come to the agency and she'll be happy to help!

  Rick (who graduated from USF with a Communications degree) joined Whitco Insurance North Suncoast in 20o9 after having been an employment staffing and consulting national business development manager providing workforce solutions for companies like Coca-Cola, Good year, and QuickBooks/TurboTax for 20+ years. Rick is active in the Costal Cleanup, is a Chairman of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services of Florida, is a former President, current member of NAIFA-FL, is a two-time president of the Rotary club of Seven Springs (multi-time recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow Rotary award. His area of specialty is Commercial Insurance, and a quote from him is "We've never sold a policy, we educate consumers on the best decision to fit their budget and lifestyle." He's great with customer service/satisfaction and can't wait to assist you.

Whitco Insurance North Suncoast has proudly served the community's insurance needs since 2009.  We live, work and give back to your community.  We can provide insurance solutions to Pasco and the surrounding counties.  

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